Maui: Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We’ve done so much in such a short time period, today we decided to take it easy. We drove about 40 minutes south to Wailea Beach, where we just spent the whole day doing nothing but laying in the sun, enjoying a few cold beers, and hopping into the water every so often.

The water in Wailea was much calmer than the beaches by our hotel. Still rough at times, it was at least swimmable. Terry rented a boogie board and had a lot of fun with that while I read my book and occasionally jumped in myself. Literally all we did all afternoon was lay around on the beach, and it was awesome!

About the time I figured we should be going soon, I decided to go in one last time. The water temperature was just so nice, and I needed a cooling off. I was just enjoying the water, minding my own business when I looked behind me and HOLY SHIT saw the biggest wave all day making its way to me. And no, it didn’t look like I would be able to bob up with it like and avoid the crest like many of the other waves. Nope, it was going to crest right on top of me. Unfortunately I was right.

Yeah, OK, it was fun. Fun to be doused with an ocean wave, providing it doesn’t slam you against the beach (it didn’t) or carry you off to sea (obviously it didn’t). Yep, the water went up my nose and seemingly came out my ears. I can still remember the flash of whitewater in front of my eyes as I was engulfed. I emerged from the water, laughing at how stupid I must look, and glanced over at Terry who was just checking his email on his Blackberry.

But wait – what’s different? Everything looks different. Hey! My sunglasses! My super-expensive pair of Maui Jim sunglasses are NOT on my face anymore! Honestly I had totally forgotten I had them on and truthfully had never planned on getting wet above the waist anyway. I actually put my hands up on my face, my head, my neck, in disbelief. Damn it! Why did I have to wear those sunglasses today? I could have on my cheap ones, but no, left those back at the hotel. Crap.

Well, they’re gone for good. Swallowed up by the Pacific Ocean. Se la vie. At least I emerged with both contacts still in my eyes – that would have been a much worse problem.

I gave up looking for the sunglasses and we took to the road, soaked and sandy, back to the hotel. Showered the sand out of all the crevices in our bodies, enjoyed a few Tropical Storms and then headed out to the Hyatt Maui for a Luau.

The food was good, and the mai tais were fabulous (though as the night went on seemed to get weaker). The show itself was fantastic. The girls dancing the hula were so lovely, and the Hawaiian folklore they told for each dance was interesting too. I did enjoy the male warrior dancers, the beat of the drum and watching the women sway their hips in fast motion. The best part for both of us though was at the end, when the fire dancer came out. It’s amazing what this guy could do!

After the show, we decided to stop at the Westin again for a few cocktails before heading back to the hotel. We met a guy at the bar who seemed nice at first, but then once we knew him for about 2 minutes he started telling us how much he loves going to Maui’s nude beach. He told us exactly where it was too, I’m guessing he was hoping to see us there the next day. You know, if you’re into that sort of thing, OK, more power to you. I don’t have anything against it. But if I just met you, that’s something you need to really keep to yourself. K?


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