Maui – Saturday, December 5, 2009

Early flight out, Phoenix to Honolulu. Our seats on the plane were not the best, but not the worst either. The 6-1/2 hour flight was long and uneventful, and well worth it once we landed in Honolulu. We had time to grab a quick lunch and enjoy a fruity cocktail before our transfer to Kahului airport in Maui. Spent entirely too much time at the rental car desk, but once that was sorted out we had chosen a zippy-looking red Mitsubishi Eclipse 2-door coupe. You surely can’t judge a book by its cover – the car was sporty and sleek on the outside but it wasn’t long before we realized it was not really a great choice. It’s not easy to get in and out of, and it has many, many blind spots. One thing it does have is good acceleration which barely makes up for its complete lack of turning radius. But enough about the car… we’re in Hawaii!

We checked in to our hotel room, with a nicely appointed king bed, LCD TV and a balcony overlooking a parking lot, rooftops and to the side, Ka’anapali Beach. Not the best view, but not too bad. We can see Molokai and quite a bit of water. I’ve certainly stayed in worse rooms than this. It is nice and clean, and the bed is surprisingly comfortable too. One of the best things which I find in so few hotels, is that the lamps on the bedside tables have outlets built in, so we are able to charge our phones as we sleep without moving the mattress to look for the outlet. It’s amazing more hotels do not have this feature.

We honestly didn’t spend much time in the room, as it was mid-afternoon and we wanted to get some beach time in before the sun set. And we surely did. We changed into our swimsuits, grabbed a few towels, and headed down to the beach which was directly in front of our hotel. The water was a bit cool at first, but easy to get used to and just wonderful. Having never been to this particular beach before, I did notice the sand was a bit different than my other Hawaiian experiences – it was a bit more coarse than DT Fleming or Wailea. Still, the water was clean and warm and what more do you want in a beach?

After some time there, we walked up to the pool area and enjoyed a few cocktails while watching the sun set over Lana’i. Very pretty. With the 3-hour time difference our internal clocks were quite off. It was about 9:00PM at home, and we were famished. A quick shower, change and we hopped in the car for a 2-minute drive to nearby Whaler’s Village where we walked past some local and chain shops toward the beach. Though we had a few choices, we opted for the Barefoot Bar at the Hula Grill, despite a 30-minute wait. We decided to bide our time at the bar of the nearby Westin where we tried a local beer which I wasn’t too much a fan of honestly, it was a little too hoppy for my taste.

Finally when our table was ready we were led onto the beach area, where we sat and enjoyed the atmosphere of ocean waves, tiki torches and a beautiful Hawaiian breeze while eating our dinner. My burger (a patty topped with bacon and Maytag bleu cheese) was so good I can’t even remember what Terry had! Back to the hotel, exhausted, sound asleep by 9pm.


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