Another Thanksgiving holiday come and gone. This one was wonderful as well. We had a feast of course, and enjoyed the company of our friends Todd and Barbara as well as my brother Damian.

We also took advantage of the long weekend by doing some fun things together like bowling on Friday then hanging out with friends Jim and Kathy Friday night. Yesterday/Saturday we enjoyed a pancake breakfast, leftovers for lunch and then went to see The Blind Side. Afterwards we enjoyed a spectacular dinner at The Keg. We’ve also played lots of games – Farkle, Loaded Questions, and Wii tennis-bowling-boxing. Today we’ll probably just kick back and relax, watch NFL football and later I drive Damian to the airport.

One thing i did NOT do is go shopping on Black Friday. I guess there were some really good deals out there, but honestly not worth the crowds and standing in a long line. I did accomplish a bit of Christmas shopping online, including getting a great deal on a nice present for Justin. Of course I can’t mention what it is since we want it to be a surprise :)

The coming week will be super busy, with my Mom and Dave coming in on Wednesday night. We also have Justin’s football season party on Tuesday evening and that pretty much only leaves Monday to do cleaning, chores and packing for our trip next week. I’m so excited that next Sunday we will be waking up in Hawaii!


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