Back to school tomorrow

And it couldn’t come any sooner. We’re just tired of our teenagers being lazy and looking forward to having them back on a regular schedule. We went to Justin’s curriculum night last week and walked through his classes with him. Why is it that kids’ schedules always cause them to walk from one side of campus to another for every period? The poor kid has Language Arts first thing (2 periods worth) followed by gym, computers and lunch. The afternoon is more hard-hitting with math, science and social studies. His SS class will be studying American history with a concentration in the early 19th century. When I was a kid I abhorred history but for some reason now I am drawn to it – I’m far more excited about that class than he is.

Eric’s schedule is about the same as usual but one thing I’m thrilled about is that he’s taking cooking 1-2 all year. Yes, it is a good life skill but I have a more selfish reason for being happy about it. Namely, someone else who can make dinner for our family!

Terry and Justin have been busy with football – they have 5-day a week practices until games start, then they’re down to 2-3 days per week. Terry says Justin has improved quite a bit, and in fact the whole team has. We’re so glad we’ve found an organization like the Dawgs – much better than the others we have experienced.

Go Dawgs!



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