Hot, hot, hot!


Yes, summer is here. Summer in Phoenix is serious stuff. There are supposedly thundershowers in the forecast for tomorrow though, so maybe we’ll catch a break. More likely however is that they will just up the humidity, which is already noticeable.

So, we’ve been enjoying the pool as usual. Well, Duke hasn’t. He is not a big fan of swimming. We wanted to make sure he knew how to get out if he ever fell in, so we’ve been tossing him in and guiding him to the steps. Now Terry and the kids just do it to annoy him I think. He is a good sport – he tolerates it but it is definitely not his favorite thing. He’s a pretty good swimmer but I don’t think he’ll be jumping in on his own anytime soon.

I got back from Vegas a few days ago, which was of course just as hot as Phoenix. We operated a conference with about 1,100 people which kept our staff really busy, but afterwards we had a little time to enjoy ourselves. I actually won $100 at the casino – that was fun!

I’ve been playing Texas Hold’Em poker though mostly on the computer since I can’t seem to scare up enough people to play “in real life”. Been teaching Justin the principles of basic poker games too – which he enjoys. Nothing like good ol’ mom teaching her son a life skill, eh? Maybe someday he’ll win the WPT or WSOP and I’ll get some cash out of the deal. Hell, the boy already aspires to be a rock star/bartender – why not add poker stud to the mix?

Speaking of Justin – his 12th birthday is just a few weeks away. Where does the time go? I can’t believe I’m a mother to him, and even worse, a 17 year old! Seems like not so long ago I myself was just 17. Of course I was a senior in high school and already driving, but I digress…

Well Justin’s home and I promised to play a few rounds of dealer’s choice with him so gotta go!



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