News… and not-so-newsworthy stuff too

Oh blog, I have been neglecting you. For that I am sorry. Life gets so busy, and I get caught up with a hellish work schedule, family activities and such – and then when I have a little ‘down time’ I just find other things to do. But I’ll do my best to get back on the wagon – writing is good for me, and I know there are people out there who actually enjoy reading the drivel.

Kids are out of school – and I can’t believe Justin is going into 7th grade/junior high. We got him a cell phone a few weeks ago and in one week his texts rivaled that of his 17-year-old brother’s monthly use (nearly 4,000 – how does that happen?). And yes, we do have the unlimited plan – learned that lesson a while back.

The boys aren’t doing much over the summer, but next week they’ll be in Austinfor a visit with my sisters and brother. It’s a nice way to break up their summer and get them out of the house a bit. It’s tough in Arizona with daytime highs near 105 – it’s not very conducive to hangin’ at the park. They have been enjoying the pool however.

Duke has not been enjoying the pool. He really doesn’t like to swim, but we’ve been trying to get him used to it in case he falls in, so he knows how to get to the steps and get out. It would be nice to have the dog join us for family swim time, but I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.

Pretty soon I’ll be going to Vegas for work. We have a huge conference (800+ people) and I’m the registration queen for that. As with most meeting registration, there’s one day of pure hell where everyone is picking up their badges, getting their materials and sometimes arguing about whether they paid, or paid the proper rate. In this case the day will be longer than usual – working 6am to 11pm. Yes it’s ugly. After that’s over, it will be downhill at least. Toward the end of the trip we will have some free time to get out and enjoy the city a bit which I will be in total need of. We’re also going to do a site visit of the Ritz Carlton and since we’re preferred clients of theirs, we will probably get the royal treatment. That’s what I’m really looking forward to.

Ok, time to get to work – will make an effort to blog more. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer!


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