Long time, no blog

That seems to be the recurring theme here, doesn’t it? We’re busy at work, busy at home, yada yada yada. Not any of that has changed of course. Let’s concentrate on ‘real’ news then, shall we?

This weekend Justin signed up for football and it will be another season of the Gilbert Dawgs. Terry will be assistant coach again and most of the team will be the same. Usually that means they will improve over last year, with a better record – and there’s really not much else to go other than up. The most important part of course is that the kids will have a blast and as icing on the cake the coaches and coach wives do too. I think practice won’t start til August so there’s still a ways to go before we get busy again with that.

Terry’s parents and brother & family are in town visiting. On Saturday we went hiking on Usery Mountain (see Flickr feed in sidebar for photos!). They really enjoyed it – it’s much different than the hikes they’re used to in their home country of Switzerland. The whole family went including Duke who enjoyed it as much as anyone. Justin took my camera for part of the trip and he seems to be really interested in becoming a photographer. A few weeks ago (after our last photo-hike) he expressed interest in photography as a career – and when we were talking about the different types of photography “football photography” of course came up. Fast forward 15 years and we may have a Sports Illustrated photographer in our midst!

Well Monday morning and almost time to leave for work. The weekend was another whirlwind for certain.


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