Wow how time flies…

Well it won’t surprise you to hear that we are keeping very busy. Justin’s lacrosse finished out the season last week with a four-game tournament. They won one, lost three and although the kids (and Coach Terry) had a lot of fun this season, I think everyone is happy to have it over with til next year. With football ending and LAX starting up right away, nobody had a break – least of all Terry and Justin.

Eric has been working a lot less hours but he seems to enjoy that. He has weekends free, for his ever-busy social life. I can’t believe he’s 17 now. I can still remember my little baby asking me to make muffins while he watched Barney. Now he’s got his cell phone permanently implanted in one hand, iTouch in the other and earphones connected to his head. He bought an Ed Hardy t-shirt the other day for $60! I know that’s really a ‘bargain’ for that name, but sheesh, I could have gotten about 8 t-shirts at Target for that amount!

I’ve been busy with work and travel as usual. Just finished up a conference of school nurses in Sacramento, California. I’m not really in love with that city though, and the convention center was hellish to work with at times, but the hotel – the Hyatt Regency Sacramento – was superb. Not only was the food fantastic, the service was incredible. My hotel contact Julie took great care of us as a group, but also did some nice things for me personally. The conference went very well and I’m glad to be home. Next month I’ll be going to Riverside and then Las Vegas in June for a huge program.

Duke has settled in to our family nicely, thought he is still obviously in the puppy stage. This is evidenced by many things including his desire to use our living room furniture as playground equipment. He also likes to use everyday household items such as socks, shoes, TV remotes, Justin’s dirty underwear and Terry’s eyeglasses as chew toys. Still, he is very smart and eager to please (most of the time) and learns very quickly. He loves his obedience classes – he’s the best behaved dog in the class!

Terry’s brother Tim and family will be coming to visit in a few weeks, as will his Dad and Mom who postponed their annual trip by a few weeks to catch them. They are renting a house together in a retirement community in Mesa, about 15 minutes from our house. The weather should be really nice and I hope they have a  good time while they’re here. They’ll be leaving just after Easter, so I’ll be having a full house for that holiday. I’m already looking forward to it!


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