A long-neglected blog…

Well not for lack of things to post, really – just too busy to! The biggest thing going on with us is that we have a new addition to our family – adopted on Monday night (2/16).

We found Duke through www.petfinder.com at the Friends for Life animal shelter just up the street from us. He was found on the streets and the estimate his age at 9 months. They think he is part beagle, part coonhound, but nobody knows for sure. He looks like a large dog in the photo, but he is really medium-sized. Larger than your average beagle, but not as big as a lab. He’s mostly, if not fully, grown.

One of the things that scared us a little bit about getting him from the shelter is that you never really know for sure how well behaved your dog is – or even whether he is housebroken. I am thrilled to say that not only does he know to do his business outside, he even started using the doggy door (which he very obviously had no previous experience with). He is extremely well-behaved, especially for a puppy, and we’ve only heard him bark twice. He even knows the “sit” command! We are working on leash-walking – he’s really good on it for his age, but still needs practice (which he’s getting quite a few times per day).

He has a playful streak and loves his tennis balls – he kicks them around like he’s playing soccer. He also loves the tug-rope but he sometimes gets carried away and starts biting at hands, which is obviously a no-no. We’ve taken the rope toy away for a while, until he gets a little older and learns not to snap (very common for puppies).

Well, time for a walk!



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