Another busy weekend following another busy week!

Thursday night I went with my friend Lauren to see The Secret Live of Bees. We both read the book and loved it – and fortunately the movie was pretty true to the novel, though Jennifer Hudson’s character could have been developed a bit more. We also saw the trailer for Marley & Me which deserves its own video posting:

I don’t know if I can stand the wait til Christmas for that one! I’ve already ordered the book from Amazon. I also have to get going on some other reading I’m trying to get in, Water for Elephants which has been on my list for years.

Friday we went out to dinner as a family to a new restaurant in town called Liberty Market. It’s in downtown Gilbert just across the street from one of my fave restaurants Joe’s Real BBQ, and not coincidentally has the same owner. Liberty Market’s menu has tasty sandwiches (including pressed paninis), wood fired pizzas and fresh salads, but the dining experience is unique and fitting to the downtown Gilbert area. The restaurant has a somewhat nostalgic market feel, with little touches like grocery carts to hold bags of potato chips and bottles of coke. We enjoyed dining on their patio overlooking Hale Theatre and the now-desolate Grain Belt aka Rock City Bar & Grill aka Mahogany Run aka Gonzo’s and a host of other names/owners/concepts. The difference? Liberty Market’s owner knows how to create a friendly, unique dining experience while keeping prices low (sandwiches range between $7 – $12 for dinner). And if you go to Liberty, be sure to visit the unisex bathrooms – it’s a must.

Saturday we got up early and drove to Anthem to watch Justin’s game. They won! All the kids played well, especially Justin’s friend Stephen who has grown leaps and bounds since the start of the season. Coaches say he’s got tremendous potential as a football player.

Saturday evening we went to Lauren & Matt’s house for a lovely Italian-themed birthday dinner. She had a gorgeous table set and waiting for us in her back yard that was reminiscent of a garden restaurant in Italy, complete with flowers, candles, wine adn string lighting. The food was brought in from another restaurant favorite Rigatony’s and the company was just as wonderful.

Tonight (Sunday) we’re getting a visit from Terry’s Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Vern who are visiting from Ohio. Right now I’m simmering the sauce for the lasagna I’m making. We’re really eating like kings this weekend! Tomorrow it’s back to the diet for sure!


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