They won!

First time in 2 seasons they won – first time they even got a touchdown! Justin played a really good game, but the whole team was able to come together to get the “big W”. They worked hard and it payed off. At the end the score was 13-6 and the parents ran on the field – you’d think they won the Super Bowl from the level of excitement! Pics from the game will be uploaded to the Flickr album shortly – you can click on the link on the right sidebar to see my albums at any time. I also got their first TD on video but I’m not sure it will work on Flickr but I’ll see if I can embed a video on a future blog post. Next week’s game is at 8am so it will be an early one!

In other news I got back from Minneapolis on Thursday where I worked a conference. It was a week of long days on my feet, which I haven’t done in a while, but it was nice to get back to doing “what I do.” After the conference I went with some of the other girls to the Mall of America. It was like any other mall really, but huge! There was also a big amusement park in the center which had some really sick rides including a roller coaster whose cars spun like the teacup ride. No, I didn’t go on, but only because I couldn’t get any of the girls to do it with me!

Terry was in Vegas last week for a day, setting up their ad campaign that will take place during the Barrett Jackson auction at Mandalay Bay in a few weeks. It was great exposure for him, and he’s really enjoying what he’s doing with it. It’s great too, because he’s put in his time with the company and now it seems it’s really starting to pay off.

This weekend was homecoming for Eric’s high school and he went to his dance last night with his girlfriend – pics are up!


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