Busy, busy!

More exciting happenings in the land of the Drivel. Hubby is away on a trip and boy I really miss him! The kids are using it as an excuse to leave their crap all over the house but I think I was able to put an end to that. He will be home tomorrow though and things will be back to normal.

Eric thought he broke his thumb (punching a friend in the arm), but after an even-more-painful-than-normal wait at Urgent Care they said it was just a sprain. That boy goes for more drama than… well, a teenage girl!

The boys pooled their money together and bought Rock Band for the Wii. It’s a really cool game, better than Guitar Hero because not only do you play the guitar, there’s also a drum set and microphone for vocals. You can play in “band” mode or solo on the instrument of your choice. If I could only get them to put the darned drums away when they were done…. I have yet to make my debut but I think it will have to wait a few weeks til things calm down at work.

I’m super stressed because I have a big conference coming up. I’m going to be the registration person on-site and I don’t have any trust in my web vendor that the database I’m working with is correct. Well at least my badges will be shipping out tomorrow. Once those are on their way to the meeting, I always feel better. I wish I could bring the stress level down a few notches for my client – she’s really having a time with it.

Yesterday Justin had his second football game (though it was the first one I was able to go to). He played very well and was in for almost all the plays – offense and defense. Unfortunately the team lost 14-0 but they did a good job and put up a good fight. Their defense is strong, but their offense needs some work. I will post some pictures on Flickr as soon as I can dig out my USB cable for my camera. Now where is that thing, anyway?


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