Update in a nutshell

Wow it’s been a while since I posted an update – to avoid a super-long post, here’s what’s been up with us in a nutshell…

  • Eric is working with a tutor and got a 30 out of 30 on his vocab test yesterday!
  • Terry is asst coach for Justin’s football team. Both are doing great with it – first game is next week.
  • I’ve been super busy at work, found out I’m going to Costa Rica in 2010 yippee!
  • Terry and I are going out tonight to a Brazilian restaurant called Fogo e Brasa to celebrate our 14th anniversary (time flies!)
  • Tomorrow we’re all going over to our friends Matt & Lauren’s to celebrate the holiday weekend with a barbecue.
  • We had some hurricane-like storms here in Phoenix on Thursday night. Lots of damage downtown including blown out windows, roofs being torn off of buildings and such. Fortunately where we our there wasn’t much damage. Though the winds were incredible, there was surprisingly little debris in the pool.
  • We got the DirecTV Sunday Ticket again so looks like our place will be football central on Sundays again. Now that we have the dining room table there’s plenty of seating in view of the big screen, so it is a nice setup.

Other than all that, we’re just trying to keep it cool until mid-October when the weather gets really nice. I can’t wait to open the doors & windows during the day again. Hope everyone is enjoying the last moments of their summer!


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