Reality shows abound this summer

With my regular favorites like The Office, Desperate Housewives and Lipstick Jungle on summer haitus (wasn’t the writer’s strike break enough?) I’ve been indulging in my favorite reality shows.

The season 5 premiere of Project Runway started up on Wednesday, and there are a myriad of interesting new designers with diverse points of view. Watching the show is like eating a big piece of chocolate cake – it’s so delicious and indulgent, you enjoy every moment and can’t wait for the next episode to air next week. This week, we said goodbye to our first designer Jerry. This was no surprise because the first thing he said on camera was “I am already a successful designer and don’t really need to be here.” Well, then, see ya! The winner this week was Kelli who constructed a dress whose skirt was surprisingly beautiful, though composed of vacuum cleaner bags dyed and bleached. The most unusual creation was a vibrant blue strapless dress with a sweetheart neckline – made out of blue Sweetheart plastic cups (you know, the ones you buy for keg parties). By the way, if PR is like chocolate cake, then the Project RunGay blog is the a la mode – a hilarious sarcastic look at all things PR.

My other favorite reality competition is in full swing – Last Comic Standing aired last night with the best episode yet. The comics were set loose in Bed, Bath and Beyond to find props, then performed for Carrot Top and a small local audience. The poorest competitor was without a doubt Papa CJ who clearly didn’t understand the elements of prop comedy, perhaps due to an international disadvantage. Carrot Top chose Jeff Dye as the winner, giving him immunity – and rightfully so. Jeff is a likeable comedian who obviously has great talent. Having never done prop comedy before, he ended up with the best act hands down. While the other comedians just picked up props, said “This is such-and-such” and then went on to the next object, Dye was the only one who actually had a theme (movies).

Last week, we saw Iliza get 2/3 of the audience’s votes and send home Esther Ku (annoying giggly anime girl) and God’s Pottery (who I wish would have stayed in a bit longer). This week Papa CJ and Paul Foot were on the chopping block with tied votes, so they picked Iliza as their on-stage competition, no doubt because they figured she couldn’t pull it off two weeks in a row. This seemingly smart strategic move backfired as Iliza again got 62% of the audience’s vote, proving that traditional stand-up comedy has a much stronger audience appeal than wierd, long-winded diatribes that the audience can’t connect with (Paul Foot) or third-run stand up jokes peppered with a tiny bit of new material (Papa CJ).

By the way, if anyone knows of a good LCS blog, please pass it along – I can’t find one!


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