Phoenix is on fire!

The Ethan Fire burns in South Phoenix  Photo taken from a downtown office building - not a storm cloud, that's smoke! 

I don’t know how much national news coverage there has been on the fire in South Phoenix but it’s the top news story here. I was driving home Wednesday night when I spotted two huge billowing clouds of smoke emanating from the South valley. At first glance they resembled two tornadoes and with the cloud coverage and 56 degree dewpoint I knew there was a potential for a dust storm/haboob/monsoon. Once my eyes adjusted to the sight, I realized it was smoke. With flat terrain in the valley we are accustomed to seeing house fires from very far away, but I could tell this was no house fire as it was much, much larger. The radio newscast said it was a brush fire caused by lightning strikes.

Fire may eventually threaten homes

Although officials originally thought the fire – now named the Ethan Fire – would be fairly easily doused, it has jumped the containment line and may eventually threaten some homes. The problem is that it started in a remote brush area where there are no roads and it was difficult to get equipment in time to get it under control. Also, the California wildfires are using some of the Phoenix-area resources at the moment. Even now, days later, a big black cloud hangs over the valley, blocking out the sun in some areas.

In case you were wondering, we aren’t in any danger. Our home is about 50 miles away, though we will be praying for the residents in the area as well as the fire crews. We are far enough away from any sort of brush that would cause this type of damage.


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