Workin’ it!

I can’t tell you all how happy I am to be back in the land of the working. I am totally LOVING my new job. It’s only been about 5-6 weeks but it seems like so much longer. What I love about it is that I’m doing so much more than “just” meeting planning. I am also acting as the company’s business manager which I am thrilled about. Currently I’m working on writing the business plan – can you believe a company that’s been in business for 8+ years doesn’t have a business plan?

It’s so nice to be really making a difference that affects the bottom line, to know that executive management values your ideas and opinions, to really have a stake in the company you work for. My boss tells me every day how thankful he is that I came to work there and what a great job I’m doing, which is also a nice change of pace. Today he actually told me I’m not allowed to go anywhere – ever! Really, the only crappy thing about it is that it’s about 30 miles each way – 45 minutes to get to work and 60 minutes to get home. If I wasn’t spending $65 a tank maybe that wouldn’t be as big a deal.

In other news, my old laptop fizzled out and I had to buy a new one. I got a screaming deal at Best Buy on an HP model that has 4G of RAM and a 250G hard drive, a built-in webcam and dual microphone system, a TV tuner (no idea what to do with that) and the capability to watch DVDs, play CDs and view photos without booting up the computer. The not-so-great thing is that like all new laptops, it has Vista instead of XP. I’m not a huge fan of Vista and heard that it could potentially slow down my computer. Turns out that’s not really a problem considering the super-speed of the new laptop. The problem is that my photo editing and recipe management programs aren’t compatible with Vista so I’m going to have to figure out a new solution. The worst part is that the recipe software doesn’t even have a Vista version, so I’m back to square one for that. I’m far more confident that I will find a photo program that I like.

Here in Phoenix it has been hot. Really hot. Hot enough to scorch my butt when I sit on my car’s leather seats – even when I have jeans on! Our pool is running at about 85 degrees which is cool compared to our neighbors’. The news said we should be expecting the monsoon dust storms within the coming days and I hope they’re right. Maybe they will bring us some relief! The temps have been hovering between 107-109 with this continuing through the weekend.

Terry, Justin and I went to see Get Smart the other day and really liked it! I went in with low to moderate expectations but was pleasantly surprised once again (as I was with Evan Almighty, Transformers and Iron Man). Some parts were really hilarious actually. Eric didn’t go with us because now that he’s a teenager he pretty much has his own agenda. He actually went to see it only a day later with his girlfriend. I guess he’s just too cool to hang with the family anymore. They grow up so fast!


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