Another whirlwind weekend!

Friday night was BUNCO at Kathy’s and afterwards we went to Monica’s and joined the guys for the afterparty. While we were there I spotted what I thought was a lizard crawling on the wall behind Terry – but quickly realized it was a large scorpion! In my 7+ years living here in Arizona this is the first time I’ve seen a live one. I was a little freaked out because after all this is my neighborhood, but Monica was even more so since it was her house. Plus she has two kids under age 3. Honestly I’m surprised I haven’t spotted one sooner because of the construction at the old folks’ home behind us. I think that place is almost complete though because they’ve started the landscaping which is usually the last thing to do.

Saturday started with a lazy morning. We went to church at 4 then had dinner at Uncle Bear’s, a local bar and restaurant. Later in the evening we went to a hole in the wall bar called Hollywood Alley to see our friend Phil’s new band The Plump Tones play. They were really good! Even though they opened for another band, they had a bigger draw – probably three times the audience. Here’s a clip of them at another performance – you can also visit their MySpace page here.

Terry woke up to Truck Stop Buttermilk Pancakes for Father’s Day breakfast – still the very best pancake recipe ever. The name says it all! Then we headed to the ballpark to watch the Diamondbacks get beat (once again) to the KC Royals via interleague play. It was an ugly game. Fugly, actually. But we had a good time hanging out and even though it was hotter than Hades outside the ballpark was nice and cool! Then we had Jim & Kathy over for dinner and watched the last part of the US Open. Looks like Tiger Woods will win another one, but I sure would like to see the underdog Rocco Mediate come through. Odds aren’t very good though!

Thanks go out to everyone who’s showed concern over our family illnesses. My grandmother is taking the news of her brain tumor and lymphoma well and I have to believe that now that the doctors know what it is, they can hopefully help her. After many postponements, Terry’s Dad finally had his pacemaker put in on Friday, but they couldn’t release him from the hospital because something wasn’t jiving right with his medications. Unfortunately he won’t be able to get home until at least Wednesday, which means he has to spend Father’s Day and his birthday (tomorrow 6/16) in the hospital. It sounds like he is well taken care of though, and Terry’s brother Todd and wife Cyndi are keeping in an eye on him and reporting to family.

Looks like we’ll have another busy week ahead – Terry seems to be managing his new position nicely and I’m well settled into my new job. It’s so nice to be working again – and for a good company and good people. We are counting our blessings for sure.


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