On being sick and other boring stuff

It really sucks to be sick in the summertime. Seems like the sore throat, cough and stuffiness is just all the worse when accompanied by the summer heat and humidity. All I’ve been doing this whole weekend was laying about, reading (The Boleyn Inheritance), napping, and a bit of surfing the web. At least my sore throat is mostly gone, though it’s still a bit scratchy and my head is kind of in a fog.

I did manage to get to church last night and have dinner with Terry afterwards at Carrabba’s. We finally got to celebrate my new job (even though it’s been about a month) and his promotion. He’s now working as advertising coordinator and has a few guys answering to him, which is great. It came with a nice pay boost too, which certainly is nice for him. Looks like finally he’s being rewarded for his hard work!

The kids have been having a laid back summer, mostly hanging out with friends. They are happy to not have to deal with school right now of course, and are enjoying the pool. We were supposed to go to the waterpark today but since I’ve got the crud we put it off til next week. There are a few movies coming up that we want to see too – including Get Smart on June 20th.

Isn’t this the most boring blog entry ever? Sorry but I guess that’s what a weekend of bedrest will do to a blog. *Yawn* time for a little nap.


1 Response to “On being sick and other boring stuff”

  1. 1 Debs June 8, 2008 at 7:53 pm

    Hey you guys should go see Kung Fu Panda! I am NOT a Jack Black fan and went to see it under protest, but we all loved it. Phil, both my super too cool to go to a cartoon kids and my 10 year old niece. It was a really good family flick.

    I can’t wait for Get Smart (I love me some Dwayne Johnson!!), Hancock and Hellboy II!!

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