American Idol Season 7 Finale

Probably the best season finale AI has had yet, and undoubtedly the best competition. David Archuleta has an awesome voice and a huge following – David Cook is a more seasoned musician who can twist an old favorite into something new and fresh. Much to my surprise, Mr. Cook was the winner! I was glad because I’ve been a fan of his for a long time now, and was surprised that he even made it into the top 4 since typically the rockers don’t. I’m looking forward to downloading whatever he records – I’m that sure it will be good (hey, look at Chris Daughtry!).

And now for some catty comments (you knew they were coming, didn’t you?) – what the heck was Paula wearing? So did she say to her seamstress “I’m sorry, but this strapless sweetheart neckline just doesn’t show enough cleavage. Can’t we just cut it straight down to my belly button?” She practically fell out of the front of it!

And what’s with all the shameless Mike Myers movie promotion? AI is already packed enough with commercials and product placement (Coke cups on the judges’ table, for instance) – why would you stick one in the middle of the show and torture us with it for 10 minutes? Maybe I’d feel differently if it were actually entertaining or the least bit funny.

Our friend Jason (aka “dreadlock boy”) was caught on camera being too lazy to even sing into the microphone during the group performances but at least his solo was good (Haleluia) – he didn’t even forget the words this time!

There were some wonderful idol-accompanied performances from old favorites like Donna Summer, George Michael, Bryan Adams, ZZ Top, Graham Nash and Seal. And when I say “old favorites” I do mean OLD. Which makes me realize that I’m old. Geez in some cases (Graham Nash and Donna Summer) it’s likely that the hits performed tonight were from years before any of these AI kids were born.

Anyhow I am happy that “my guy” won – who wouldn’t be? I think Archuleta did a fantastic job as well, though – as did so many of the other contestants including Michael Johns and Carly Smithson. Now it’s David Cook’s turn to live the American Idol Dream. We won’t get to experience the weekly Idol drama again until January but that’s OK. The finales of Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock and The Office are over too but some of my fave shows are starting new seasons soon. Last Comic Standing (thanks Debs for getting me hooked!) starts tomorrow and Weeds will begin in less than a month. That should carry me well into the end of September when the Olympics have passed and we once again have quality network TV shows to choose from.

How pathetic is my life?


1 Response to “American Idol Season 7 Finale”

  1. 1 Deb May 23, 2008 at 2:17 pm

    I feel the need to make comments about David A’s overbearing father’s extreme disappointment in his loss. Hmmm.

    I loved the ZZ Top performance, even when David C. horked the guitar riff towards the end. It was great.

    I Can’t believe I missed the start of Last Comic Standing last night! DOH!

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