American Idol recap 5/6/08 performance (top 4) in brief

Not much to say about this week. Finally they had a good theme – ROCK – but David Cook was only so-so with his first song, maybe an 8 out of 10 with his second. Not too impressive. Syesha was annoying as usual and David Archuleta actually sang a beautiful rendition of Love Me Tender. It’s just so hard to take him seriously when you look at him.

Jason of course was his usual nonchalant self. If ever there was a pot-smoking Idol, Jason has to be it. I say that not because of his dreadful dreadlocks but rather his generally “I don’t give a damn” attitude and very apparent apathy. Thank God he was voted off tonight and we will no longer be subjected to his weekly piss-poor performances.

Next week – final three. Let’s say syonara to Syesha and give the Davids their due!


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