American Idol 7 Recap: 4/29 Performance (top 5)

Did I say “Top 5”? Is it really the best 5 out of the entire 100,000 that tried out? You coulda fooled me.

Tonight was Neil Diamond night of all things. Okay, so the man’s a legend but… really? Are we supposed to think that his music can beat within the hearts of today’s American youth? I don’t think so.

Ryan began the show with an announcement that they were going to do things a little differently – getting judge input after both performances (this is the first week each contestant will sing two songs).

  1. First performance by dreadlock-boy Jason singing a very forgettable ballad-type version of Forever in Blue Jeans that was unsurprisingly identical to every other song he’s ever performed on the show. Blah.
  2. Next up is the only person I have any interest in anymore, David Cook who brought us out of the doldrums (only slightly) with I’m Alive. The flashing lights certainly helped wake us up, but the performance did little more than remind us we have a pulse. This is forgiveable however, considering he hasn’t had the opportunity to really showcase his style in weeks.
  3. Then we had Brooke with I’m A Believer which did little to convert us. Brooke has been a real disappointment over the past few weeks.
  4. Next came David Archuleta, the voice of Kenny Loggins trapped in the body of a 5 year old boy. He did Sweet Caroline and it was sweet, but not spectacular.
  5. To finish off round one, Syesha actually showed a bit of originality in her version of Hello Again. She sang it slowly and sweetly and it was very pretty. But still… as with the previous four performances I was not moved.

Ryan burst in for the intermission and asked the judges for their “quick take” on the performances so far tonight. Randy provided very brief feedback on each of the contestants in order which rattled Paula. She clearly wasn’t expecting to have to do this and started by commenting on how Jason’s two songs sounded the same.Umm… Paula? TWO songs? Maybe they sounded the same because there was only ONE SONG so far??? I didn’t know whether to laugh at Paula for her obvious cluelessness or to feel sorry for Jason for this unwitting insult.

On with round two…

  1. Jason fulfilled Paula’s prophesy by performing September Morn a la Jason Castro – ho hum, humdrum, same old, fast forward the TiVo…
  2. Just when I was starting to nod off, David Cook came back on and sang All I Really Need Is You. Well HELLO. Yes! Yes! We can really get excited about American Idol again! We can! And by the way, what is this song? I have never heard it before – I don’t think so anyway. Simon commented that he re-arranged he song to make it sound like it was written this year. (Mental note: Must download from iTunes ASAP! BTW, what marketing genius is that – why had they never done this before?) Paula scares me by proclaiming that she thinks she’s looking at the next American Idol. PLEASE please Paula, I beg of you, don’t jinx the poor guy this way.
  3. Here comes Brooke. Oh, no, get ready to fall asleep again. Wait a minute – she’s at the piano (where she clearly has had most of her successful performances) playing I Am… I Said. And it’s simply beautiful. This is truly the Brooke we know and love. Where has she been all this time? We missed her!
  4. Up next is David Archuleta with America. Though the judges concurred that it was the perfect song choice, I really wasn’t moved by the performance. It was just “okay”. Neil’s version was certainly much, much better.
  5. Finally (thank God this torturous evening is almost over) Syesha takes the stage and sings Thank the Lord for the Nighttime in her bare feet. Yawner. And by the way, what’s with her new extensions? They look tragic – reducing her someone who would blend in with the crowd rather than stand out. Sy, do you really think this was a good move on your part?

Overall, many very forgettable performances with two showstoppers breaking up the monotony. I’m disliking AI this season more and more, and this particular show has been the worst yet. I hope the producers can breathe some energy and excitement into future shows with some more exciting themes and guest celebs. Considering the past three years have turned out some of the best rock contestants (Bo Bice, Chris Daughtry, Carly Smithson, David Cook), why not find some real rockers as guests and let the contestants rock out for a change?


2 Responses to “American Idol 7 Recap: 4/29 Performance (top 5)”

  1. 1 Scott S April 30, 2008 at 9:20 am

    I agree. Enough with the schlocky has-beens and insufferable divas.

  2. 2 BeckEye April 30, 2008 at 9:56 am

    Oh, what I wouldn’t have given for a Michael Johns double shot of “Forever in Blue Jeans” and “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon.” Alas, it was not to be. But I’d like to thank Paula for keeping me awake, and doubled over in laughter.

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