Chillin’, working, playing and crazy hat day

Ray & Sue enjoying AZ life

 It’s been a while since I posted an “AZ Update” for friends & family so thought I’d give it a shot this morning. Terry’s parents have been here for about three weeks now, with one more to go. They’ve been enjoying the sun and making the most of their days by reading (Sue) and crosswords/sudoku (Ray). They’ve also been walking daily which is wonderful exercise for them, and something they couldn’t easily do in Rochester this time of year where their high temps are lower than our low temps!

Sue soaks up some sun

Sue soaks up a little sun!

Ray is ready

Ray, pen in hand, is primed and ready for the next crossword or sudoku that comes his way.

Terry working by the pool

Our wireless setup gives Terry the option to work poolside on nice days like this.

Justin and his crazy hat du jour

Today at Justin’s school it is “Crazy Hat Day”.

Terry took the day off to golf with some friends, then later Ray will join them for a spring training game in Tempe. After that, Eric has a lacrosse game in the faraway land of North Scottsdale which means we won’t be home til the late hours. Fortunately we can sleep in tomorrow – yay! Tomorrow night we’re getting together with some good friends at a restaurant to celebrate our friend Matt’s 50th birthday. After what promises to be a busy beginning to the weekend, we’re looking forward to just ‘laxing out at home on Sunday.

Eric’s been playing a lot of lacrosse in both the JV and Varsity games so that has kept us quite busy. Except for the first two, all the games have been at night and since my camera doesn’t take good night shots from the sidelines, I haven’t had any new photos to post.

A few weeks ago I had a garage sale and made a whopping $500 which I promptly used to purchase a new sofa and coffee table for our family room, delivered yesterday. We also got a new dinette to replace the air hockey table in our dining room, which we are transforming into somewhat of an Irish Pub theme (and no, not just for St. Patrick’s Day).

Well I think that’s about it for this catch-up post. Everyone stay warm!


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