Family update

Lots has been going on in our household lately – here’s the news in an nutshell:

  • On Saturday there was another Varisty LAX game, but they lost and Eric did not play. I did bring an unwelcome souvenir home – a nasty sunburn on my collarbone and nowhere else. I’m a freak.
  • On Saturday night Terry & I went out with the ‘hood for Barb’s birthday to Ah-So Teppan Yaki restaurant. It was tons of fun, though we discovered the key ingredient that gets the chefs through the show is… alcohol!
  • Sunday was the first day without football in ages, and Terry seemed lost trying to find something to watch on TV. He ended up going to the driving range with Justin while I spent the day prepping for an interview. Eric went to the Renaissance Festival with his girlfriend’s family.
  • Today (Tuesday) I had my interview, which went well. I got along famously with the group of ladies which is obviously good news. I know I can do the job and think I was able to prove that to them. I can tell I’d be a good fit for the team. Now I just have to cross the fingers and hope I get “the call” – but I also recognize that anything can happen at this point as I’ve seen so many times before.
  • Tonight – as I write, actually – Terry is being inducted into the Knights of Columbus. I am so proud of him! Not only is it wonderful to see him contributing to the church, it’s also great for the kids to see him getting involved. Plus, I think it will be good for him to have an activity outside of work.

Upcoming events:

  • Tomorrow (Wednesday) is Eric’s 16th birthday! We’re going to have a quiet family dinner at home for starters with more to come later.
  • Thursday I’m going to an idustry networking luncheon which I’m really excited about. I left last month’s event with four job leads!
  • Also on Thursday is Eric’s first JV LAX game and since he’s a starter he should get a lot of playing time. I guess I’ll get to see how well my new camera takes night shots.
  • Of course Thursday is also Valentine’s day. Terry and I will celebrate as we usually do – a quiet, romantic steak & champagne dinner at home. Who needs to fight the crowds and pay upwards of a hundred bucks for a night out?
  • Sunday is the ETA for Terry’s parents, Ray & Sue, to arrive. We don’t have any big excursions planned like last year, but it should be fun having them stay with us.
  • On Tuesday of next week we’re going to go out to celebrate Eric’s and Grammy Sue’s birthdays (hers is Sunday the 18th). I think we’re going to Organ Stop Pizza, home of the Mighty Wurlitzer, one of the world’s largest operating organs.

2 Responses to “Family update”

  1. 1 Knights in Interaction February 12, 2008 at 11:26 pm

    Brother Terry, welcome to the Knights of Columbus! — Bill B., editor of Knights in Interaction

  2. 2 Deb February 14, 2008 at 1:50 pm

    Wow, we’re old!

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