Mesquite Wildcats Lacrosse

The 2008 season has finally begun and what a great way to start! Game 1 of the Varsity team was held in Oro Valley (Tucson) today and the Wildcats stomped the Canyon del Oro High School team 17-0, giving the Wildcats a 1-0 record. Eric is on the Junior Varsity team, but JV players are allowed to play all of their own games, plus 5 additional Varsity games. Coach decided to reward some of his hardworking JV players by allowing them playing time in today match, including our very favorite Wildcat.

View the photos I took of Eric here:

View all the photos I took today (including the group shots and his teammates) here:

Like any doting mother, I’ll be updating both sets throughout the season so you can check back every so often for new shots. Also, if you are a techie like me you can subscribe using RSS with the following URL:

If you don’t know what an RSS Reader is, you don’t know what you’re missing! Learn about it on Wikipedia. I love Google Reader because it’s easy to add and remove new feeds/blogs. You can subscribe to my blog and as soon as I post something, you’re notified! Google is my home page and since I’ve personalized it with “widgets” every time I open my browser I’m shown the titles of the newest posts from all the blogs I subscribe to including my sisters and my mom.

Getting back to lacrosse news, the next Varsity game is in a week on February 9th (though I don’t know whether Eric will have the opportunity to play again) and the first JV game is on Valentine’s Day, Thursday, February 14th. Both games are at home (yay! No more driving to Tucson!).

Here’s the link to the team website where you can see scores, photos, roster and game schedule:



1 Response to “Mesquite Wildcats Lacrosse”

  1. 1 Michael February 11, 2008 at 7:18 pm

    Wow you guys are really good. I play for the junior wildcats, and am excited to be playing for you guys next year. KEEP IT UP!!!

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