Interview with a budding chef

Justin assembles lasagne

We sat down recently with up and coming chef Justin, and asked him a few questions. Here, he provides insight into one of his favorite pastimes.

Desert-Drivel: Justin, how long have you been cooking? Who taught you how to cook?
Justin: I’ve been cooking for about a year. My Mom and Dad taught me what I know about it.

DD: Have you ever considered taking a cooking class?
J: Maybe someday.

DD: What is your favorite dish to cook?
J: I really love to make scrambled eggs. They taste great. I also love grilled cheese. My Dad taught me how to make it one time before a football game and man, it was the best grilled cheese I’ve ever had.

DD: What is the most difficult thing you’ve ever made?
J: Lasagne. I cooked it with my Mom about a week ago. It was fun and delicious, but it was also a lot of hard work.

DD: What is something you’d like to learn to cook in the future?
J: Family meals. I think it would be nice to learn how to put everything on the table for dinner. I really like spending time in the kitchen cooking a meal, then enjoying it once it’s done.

DD: Have you ever had an accident in the kitchen?
J: Once, when I was about five, I burned my hand on the stovetop. I didn’t know much about cooking at that time, but since then I’ve learned a lot more about safety in the kitchen.

DD: Have you ever considered making a career out of cooking?
J: Not really. I’d like to just keep it as a hobby.

Justin sprinkes mozzarella cheese on top of the lasagne


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