Update on me, job search, school & sports, fitness, 3 P’s

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • A frustrating job search, resumes everywhere I can send them, but no recent calls for interviews :(
  • Watched The Kingdom (4*), The Nanny Diaries (2.5*) and The Girl with a Pearl Earring (4*)
  • Trying to organize things around the house, including my 15 year old
  • Running in preparation for the 5k next weekend (yikes!)
  • Trying to maintain my sanity

The last item on the list is proving harder and harder to do as time ticks away with yet no strong job prospects. I’ve been networking with others in my field and have had a few leads that didn’t pan out, but you never know what may be around the corner.

Eric’s been playing lacrosse and absolutely hates practice – I think he just hates taking the time out of his day. But it keeps him active and once the games start on February 2nd he’ll probably be more excited about it. His schoolwork is struggling but hopefully some of the books I’ve ordered on organization will help him.

Justin has been doing very well in school – we’ve seen a great improvement over last year. We are just thrilled with his teacher Mrs. Hafner, who seems to be making a big difference. Hopefully the skills he’s learning this year will carry on in future years. He just finished reading A Series of Unfortunate Events book one, and got 100% on his test. Reading was always his weak point, and this is no small book, so it’s quite an accomplishment for him.

Terry’s doing great on his exercise plan and I’m sure he’ll “beat” me in the 5k next Saturday. I seem to run faster than him overall, but his endurance is much better than mine. He is more fit than he’s been in years, and it shows. Ain’t nothin’ chubby about hubby! As for me, I’m struggling to keep the scale in a downward motion instead of an upward one.

Speaking of that, it’s time to get dinner on – pork chops, pierogis and peas.


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