Austin: What we do part II

Our visit with Danielle and Allison continued with more fun, as promised. I was determined not to make this blog so much about eating and food, but it just turned out to be that kind of a visit. On top of our visit to Whole Foods, we went to Culver’s a second time, mostly because I just can’t get enough of the stuff. The second time it was “only” for ice cream and not so much lunch.

This is my adorable niece Avery and energetic nephew Caleb enjoying their favorite concoctions.

To help make up for our ice cream consumption, we went to the gym where Allison is a member. After a rigorous workout (I did the stationery bike for 20 minutes before climbing 30 flights of stairs on the Stairmaster!), Justin and Caleb took on the rock wall. Then we all went to the pool, which was a fabulous reward. Justin went on the water slide and I got to sit in the hot tub for a while. We got back late, but thankfully Danielle and Chris (Allison’s hubby) had already started dinner for us.

Despite all attempts, we weren’t able to eat ice cream every day, but we did manage to do it most days. On Friday we went to Benham, Texas where we took a fascinating plant tour of the world-famous Blue Bell Ice Cream factory after enjoying lunch at a local diner (I had fried pickles!). We learned how the 800+ employees at this headquarters location create our favorite frozen delicacies, watched many of them at work, and then afterwards enjoyed a larger than expected helping of our favorite flavors. Justin chose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and I decided to have the Brownie Explosion. Let me tell you, I have never had such fresh, delicious ice cream, and probably won’t ever again.

Justin and Caleb in front of the plant; big silos filled with granulated sugar, cream and all sorts of scrumptious ice cream ingredients.

Before heading home, we went a little further up the road to Washington, Texas where we visited a working farm. I’ll write more about that later, but here’s a tease.

After a long and loud drive home (hey, it’s a lot to ask the little ones to sit in the car for such a long ride), Danielle, Allison and I went out to dinner at Taverna downtown. It wasn’t as good as we remembered it, and our service was not so hot, but the company more than made up for it.

Saturday, our final day, came too soon. With an 8pm flight, we were able to make the most of it, and went downtown to Congress Street to visit an old fashioned candy store called Big Top. They had modern-day candy mixed in with old-time confections, so Justin & I stocked up on a few of our favorites.

Justin in front of his namesake boot shop on Congress.

After that, we browsed a couple of the other area shops and finished off the trip with a stop at “Hey, Cupcake!” an Airstream converted into a roadside cupcake stand. After all this food, it’s time to get my “run” on!

Surprisingly, we did not get barbecue – probably the first time I’ve visited Texas without doing so. I didn’t really miss it, but when Justin and I had to catch dinner at the airport, the Salt Lick kiosk was the one and only food outlet open. I was able to have a chopped brisket sandwich after all. It was then that I knew, my trip was complete!


2 Responses to “Austin: What we do part II”

  1. 1 Deb January 7, 2008 at 4:28 pm

    You’ll have to take me when they open!

    Culver’s of Mesa, AZ – Coming Soon!

    1909 S. Country Club Drive
    Mesa, AZ 85210

  2. 2 dezertprincess January 8, 2008 at 8:19 pm

    Uh oh – I’m in trouble!

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