Post-holiday melancholy

Putting the Christmas decorations away gets me down each year. First of all, the thought of having about two hours of work in front of me isn’t so appealing. Putting away the ornaments, folding up the tree, carefully wrapping and packing the holiday bits and bobs spattered around the house, leaving no trace that Christmas even happened is downright depressing. Maybe it won’t be so bad this year because the holiday wasn’t the same for me, being jobless and all. It’s hard to be joyful and cheery when you’re wondering where your next paycheck is coming from. Still, I’d better hop to it before I leave for my trip or they will still be around when I get back.

Speaking of paychecks, I had a job interview Friday. It went well. It’s a very small company (only five people including this new hire and an intern) and I interviewed directly with the owner. I think she liked me, and she’s only meeting with two other candidates so I have a real shot at the position. I was also reassured when I learned that the pay I’m looking for is right in line with what they’re offering, so there is hope. Please say prayers, cross fingers, and send some good juju my way. I should find out the week after next.

Hey, I found a new blog I’m really enjoying. This woman named Ree used to be a working girl like me, in California. She traded in her “high heels for tractor wheels” and is now living the ranch life in Colorado with her hubby nicknamed “Marlboro Man”, their kids and other animals. I’m having fun living vicariously through her writing – it’s satisfying my country girl side without the need to actually experience what she deems the “Pioneer Life”. Check it out at and if you like down home cooking, her recipes are fantastic I’m also jealous of her photography skills, though the subjects I shoot aren’t typically as romantic as mustangs feeding at dawn on a Colorado mountain ranch.


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