Days of excess

Here it is, the day after Christmas, and I’m still stuffed! I guess when you grow up, Christmas isn’t so much about getting your favorite toys, but instead eating your favorite foods! Between a Christmas Eve dinner of lasagne and “real” Italian meatballs at Jim & Kathy’s, Christmas brunch of an egg casserole and apple danish, and a Christmas dinner of turkey and all (and I mean all) the trimmings – it’s a wonder I haven’t gained 50 pounds! I didn’t think I was going to have to worry about a big weight loss resolution this year, but this season has been really brutal on me. Last year at this time I was at my thinnest, this year I’m ten pounds over that. At least it’s still 20 pounds less than my worst, but still…. Time to get back on the elliptical and also train for that 5k coming up in a couple weeks! Maybe I shouldn’t have a weight loss resolution per se, but instead a fitness resolution. We got the fitness DVD catalog in the mail today, what a coincidence!

I won’t bore you with a list of the gifts we all received this year, but my big ticket items were a new and upgraded digital camera and a scanner/printer that I’ve been wanting for a while (these from Terry & the kids). Of course the big hit with the boys was the Wii. I think they really do appreciate all the trouble I went through to get it and Guitar Hero III. It’s really a cool system – at first I loved the bowling, but now I can’t decide whether I like the tennis or the baseball better. The kids also got a street racing game, Tiger Woods Golf, Showtime Boxing and a few others. Plus, they’ve already spent their Target gift cards on new games. I also like that they can use their old GameCube games on the Wii, something I didn’t know until recently. I had a blast playing with Justin this afternoon and both boys have really been enjoying GH3, though we’re going to have to curtail it soon so they don’t pull a Joel Zumaya!

It was really chilly here today and it’s causing the leaves to fall off the trees behind our house, giving us a full view of the retirement facility they’re building across the street. They sure are loud during the day – and distracting! I hope the exterior work is done soon so it quiets down a bit over there, and once the landscaping is complete then we can finally get our house painted.

On Friday morning I have an interview with a company in Scottsdale so cross your fingers. It would be a good job, but I’m not sure if it would pay what I’m looking for. But I suppose if it pays more than unemployment I’m ahead of the game!


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