Well, it’s the day before Christmas Eve – or “Christmas Eve Eve” I guess. It took me a long time to get into the holiday spirit this year, for a few reasons, but I suppose I’m really into it now. I’m at that point where I say, “Everything that needs to be done, has been done, so it’s time to just relax and enjoy.” Of course “everything” doesn’t include the cooking!

Last night we went to a holiday party at our friends’ the Millers. It was really a lot of fun – all our neighbors were there, along with a few other people. Today was a typical “football Sunday” but only a few neighbors came over, and there was no drinking involved, primarily due to the excess of last night. I darted out to get the turkey from Sprouts – a fresh, free-range bird which we’ve never had before. Should be good!

I promised Justin we would decorate cookies tonight, which should be fun. We have a few different shapes, including a basset hound one which is probably our favorite. Tomorrow we’re going to the 4pm Mass at St. Anne’s (and so are most of our neighbors, I hear) then we’ll be hanging out at Jim & Kathy’s. It’s weird because it’s the first year since moving here that we haven’t had any family visit for Christmas. But Jim & Kathy are the closest thing to family we have here, along with our other neighbors (Todd & Barb, Meechaw, Monica & Matt and Lauren & Matt) so who better to spend Christmas Eve with?

On Christmas morning we’ll open our presents and see what Santa brought, then enjoy an egg & ham casserole and apple danish braid for brunch. For dinner we’ll be joined by Barb (whose hubby will be busy protecting our streets from Christmas criminals) and Meechaw. We’ll be having turkey of course, along with mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, crunchy cole slaw, and a few other things, most of which I’ll probably prep tomorrow morning.

With everything going on, I probably won’t post until after the Christmas stuff has died down, so best wishes go out to you for a spectacular holiday, whichever one you celebrate. Stay safe, warm, dry and enjoy time with your family and friends!



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