Got snow?


Well, here in Phoenix we don’t have snow – but lots of rain… again! And it’s cold – high 60 low 40. I know, it doesn’t seem cold to you New Yorkers or Wisconsonians… still, we have to bundle up. Actually it’s kind of nice for a Saturday – makes you just want to put on your comfies and sit on the couch all day watching college football between naps. Terry’s out putting up the Christmas lights but when he’s done I have a feeling that’s what he’ll do next.

We’re planning on going to the afternoon Mass today so tomorrow can be dedicated to complete laziness and football-watching. Since we got the NFL Ticket we’ve hosted friends over every weekend, though last week attendance was sparse. I think with the holidays everyone has lots of other stuff to do. But Terry’s happy to have the Bills on every week, and in HD too.

I spent most of last week applying for jobs ad nauseum. I must have applied to at least 40 including this morning’s, but not one phone call. I know December is a tough time to be looking for a job but geez, I sure wish I could get a bite – something, anything! There’s still one job that’s up in the air but the place I interviewed with has been pretty unresponsive so again, it doesn’t look good. So much of who we are is defined by the job we have, and when you don’t have one, well it’s like you’re missing a part of yourself. It’s hard to handle this depressing stuff when you’re in a season that’s supposed to be filled with joy. But I am thankful for what I do have – my husband, kids, family and good friends.

I’m nearly done with Christmas shopping – just a few things to get and waiting for the mail to bring lots of others. Even with all the time I spent going from store to store this week, I ended up buying most of what I was looking for online. Shopping sure is a lot easier on the Internet! I just have to hope everything gets here in time for Christmas. I still haven’t ordered our Christmas cards, but hope to do that by the end of this weekend so I can get them out in the mail next week. Mostly what I’m waiting for is to get the kids’ pictures taken for them. Really, our social butterfly Eric has been indisposed because of practice, sleepovers, whatever. If I can get him to stay in one place for more than 5 minutes maybe I’ll get a photo!


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