2007 Thanksgiving Vacation – home for the holidays!

FRIDAY 11/16

Left on the redeye for Rochester. Justin got the most sleep of all of us, though I think a lot of it was just ignoring the “Loudtalker” family sitting behind us. It didn’t help that the plane had to make an emergency landing in Indianapolis to let off an ill passenger, but since our Philly connection had a 5+ hour layover, it all worked out OK in the end.


Walked in to Ray & Sue’s (in-laws) at 1pm. Enjoyed catching up with them for a bit before unpacking and visiting Wegman’s for the ingredients to make my mom’s birthday dinner. I made Balsamic Chicken with a tossed salad and bakery fresh sesame bread, with a raspberry ganache chocolate cake for dessert (purchased, not made, but simply delicious!). It was nice to catch up with her and Dave, and just spend a quiet night with them and Terry’s parents.

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SUNDAY 11/18

Sunday before church I took some photos of the fall trees in Terry’s parents’ yard. They were falling so fast – like rain! When we got home from church there were hardly any left – amazing! I was a special guest singer at the Church of the Transfiguration Choir thanks to my Father-in-Law. We made it just in time to join the first song, since the Pittsford turkey trot route delayed us. After church, we drove past my old high school, old house and through the neighborhood. It’s interesting to see the house you grew up in changed so much. They removed all the fencing and some of the trees, including the half dozen pines lining the driveway (actually I remember those were gone last time too). Instead of the white split level with black shutters I remembered, it is now a beige with light brown shutters – the same yet different.

Sunday afternoon we took a trip down to Watkins Glen to have a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at Terry’s Aunt Kathie & Uncle Chris’ house. Cousin Carol was also there, along with some of Chris & Kathie’s neighbors. Terry’s brother Todd and his wife Cyndy and stepson Bill (who’s now nearly 6 feet tall!) also drove down. The food was awesome and it was a lot of fun catching up with everyone. Eric and Justin got a kick out of the ping pong tournament going on in the basement. Sunday evening Terry met some friends out to watch the Bills game (what the heck happened there?) while I did some work on my laptop.

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MONDAY 11/19

Spent most of the day around the house then in the evening the four of us went to see our dear friend Shelly. On the way, we went by our old house in Greece. It was dark out, but it really looked the same as when we moved 6+ years ago. It was great to see Shelly and meet her new boyfriend Gary. She made a delicious lasagne for us. We also got to see how much her boys Justin and Kyle have grown up. This all makes me feel so old!

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Terry took the kids and met his dad and brother out for lunch at Schaller’s. Meanwhile, I spent some time in the kitchen making Chicken Wing Dip for dinner at Mom’s. We trekked out to Avon to join her and Dave for a quasi-Christmas dinner of Steak Pie and some other goodies. Mom gave us our Christmas presents early, and after dinner we watched Deck the Halls. It was nice to spend time with Mom and Dave.


We left for the 5-hour drive to Ohio right on schedule. Traffic was not too bad, and the weather was fine. By the time we rolled in to Sheri’s (Terry’s cousin) house, it was mid-afternoon. The kids had a great time with their cousins – I was amazed yet again at how much they have all grown. Terry’s cousin PJ was also there with his daughter Libby. One of the newest additions to Sherri’s family is Bentley, a 2-year-old black lab who is near about the world’s most perfect dog. I wanted to sneak him into our rented Trailblazer and bring him home! Terry’s brother Tom, his wife Margaret and their toddler son Luke came after dinner, followed by another brother Todd and nephew Bill. Terry and I stayed up playing Euchre and chatting until late in the evening – early morning actually.

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THURSDAY 11/22 – Happy Thanksgiving!

Weather was cold and wet, just like so many other Thanksgivings we had in Ohio. We pretty much just hung out at Sherri’s until mid-afternoon when we moved the party to Aunt Bobbie’s for turkey time. More cousins showed up for dinner, for a total of about 35 people in all! We had three turkeys and tons of food, but amazingly there weren’t many leftovers. It was fun playing cards and watching football, but of course we all ate way too much! Of course dinner was delicious but it all seemed to be over in an instant and we were back on the road to Sherri’s. After all the wine and beer we had, thank goodness Bill offered to be our DD!

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FRIDAY 11/24

Woke up to a dusting of snow! After a nice breakfast and snowball fight, we were on the road back to Rochester. We got back around dinnertime and decided to unload the cars and go right to Flaherty’s, a favorite Irish restaurant in Macedon. The French Onion soup was delicious!


Our last full day in New York was spent cleaning and cooking, then Mom and Dave along with Todd, Cyndy and Bill joined us for a nice family dinner. I made Mastaccioli, crunchy cole slaw and cherry dump cake for dessert. After dinner, some friends stopped over to say hello to us before we left for Phoenix the next day. We played Euchre and had fun catching up and they stayed until midnight.

SUNDAY 11/26

We packed everything up and said our goodbyes to Ray and Sue. It was so nice to spend time with them over the holiday, we really enjoyed ourselves. We flew out at about noon, and even though our connection in Charlotte was only 35 minutes, we actually made it with bathroom time to spare! Lady was ecstatic when we walked in of course and the only casualty was a jar of Parmesan cheese.

Overall it was a wonderful way to spend the holiday. We got to see snow (but I was happy to leave it behind!), friends, family and enjoy togetherness we hadn’t in years. The food was fabulous, the company was wonderful and I think we played enough Euchre to last us a while too!


2 Responses to “2007 Thanksgiving Vacation – home for the holidays!”

  1. 1 Deb November 29, 2007 at 4:36 pm

    What a great trip! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!
    I’m totally homesick now!

  2. 2 gogogoallison December 8, 2007 at 9:40 am

    I enjoyed seeing the pictures Jen!

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