Sunday catch-up

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve posted here. We’ve been so busy, long days, late nights and i’m exhausted! Our weekend has been fun though. Started out Friday night with BUNCO at my house with our fun group of gals. It was my turn to host and I made Chicken Chardonnay with Mushrooms, Fettuccine in Parma Rosa sauce, a salad and freshly baked bread. For dessert I made a trifle with brownies, Oreos, cheesecake filling and Cool Whip. We had a blast playing, then transferred the fun over to our friends’ Todd & Barb’s house.

Yesterday/Saturday we went to Justin’s last football game of the season. They lost again, but of course it was fun anyway to watch the boys play. Justin had a few good runs. Afterwards we went to Planet Smoothie Cafe (coach’s business) for the football party. One of the team parents is a professional videographer so he compiled an awesome video of the first part of the kids’ season. Justin has a lot of face time on it too.

Last night we went to another B/S show at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe. They were awesome and so was the Van Halen tribute band the Atomic Punks. As a reward to Justin for good grades we brought him along – it was an all-ages show. He loved it! Especially since B/S’s  last song was TNT, Justin’s favorite. He also enjoyed seeing the Eddie Van Halen counterpart Lance jam out on the guitar for about 10 minutes.

This morning started with church, then I took Eric to Target to get some jeans for our upcoming trip. My gosh, shopping with a teenager is a pain in the butt! He’s so picky about clothes now and once he found a pair he really liked that fit him well, I had to scour the shelf and couldn’t come up with another pair! After another 1/2 hour of trying on more jeans he found a pair that was “OK”. Then we had to find T-shirts – not just any T-shirts, but the right kind of T-shirts. Two hours later, we walked out of the store with a bag full of stuff that seemed to make Eric happy.

We spent the afternoon watching football, mostly the Bills game. I can’t believe they pulled off the win, and just barely squeaking by against the worst team in the league! Next week we will be in NY watching the game with Terry’s friends – should be fun!


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