Working like a dog – and dog tired, too.

Thank you loyal fans, for showing an interest in me, and mentioning that you miss my blogging. It’s nice to know I’m not just typing away into some big black hole that nobody reads. Though truly, a real writer doesn’t write for the reader, but rather herself. I’d like to think of myself as this type of real writer, but I have yet to obtain the check to prove it.

Only a few days off of a 10-day trip to Convention in Montréal and now preparing for a local meeting next week. The meeting is actually an “easy” one, as meetings go, but the delegates consist of all the highest ranking owners and executives from countries all over the world. They do work hard and expect much from me, but they are also fun to work with and on Wednesday evening will drink like fish and dance like there’s no tomorrow. I still have visions from Rome of our Swiss CEO twirling me around on the dance floor so fast all I could see was the room spinning – not unlike what you will see in a movie. I’m just thankful that my dress wasn’t the type to hike up enough to expose my underwear to the audience. One of my Australian counterparts was not so lucky.

But enough about me…

The kids have been busy and Terry has been great at picking up the slack while I’ve been gone. I know it’s hard for him, having to drive them around, be at games, practices, guitar lessons, etc. And of course without my gourmet cooking it probably really sucks for him. OK, so even if I was a gourmet I’m lucky if I cook a decent family dinner once or twice a week nowadays!

Hey, how’d I get back to me?

So Eric had his last football game a few weeks ago, then pretty much immediately started lacrosse. He’s playing on the Varsity team. “Not bad for a freshman” you might think, but in reality, they don’t have a JV team because there aren’t enough kids. Anyhow he is a mid-fielder and seems to enjoy it. He’d better considering Terry spent beau coup bucks on new equipment for him. At least Justin will inherit it in a few years.

Speaking of Justin, he’s been playing football and loving it as usual. His team, the Tigers, won their first game last weekend, but he didn’t even play (sore ankle)! Their record is something like 1-5 now, and some of the kids were baffled because Justin is considered one of the team’s “stars”. As an observer, I would contribute the win to them finally understanding the concept of blocking. Hopefully this weekend they will block for him as he is running back and the team’s season high scorer.

Terry’s been doing much better at work lately since his new boss took over. They seem to get along great. It’s been a long time since he’s had a supervisor who shows the least bit of competence so I think he’s actually enjoying his job for a change. Something else our long-distance readers may not realize – Terry has lost quite a bit of weight. He’s been working out and eating better and dropped a few pounds and a few sizes. If you have a chance to see us at Thanksgiving then you will surely notice. I’ve lost a couple too, but have a bit to go before I can get back into my skinny jeans.

Well there’s more work to do for this meeting, though blogging was a nice diversion for me. Til next time – hopefully not as long!


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