Update on football and family

This afternoon we went to Justin’s first game of the season – the Tigers lost 18-6, but our little J-Man got a touchdown! Here’s a clip from the highlight reel:

At Eric’s game on Wednesday night, the Wildcats won on the road against Desert Vista 12-0. Here’s a tackle by Eric #61:

Both kids played really well, and both of them get to play a lot. Justin is playing both offense (running back) and defense (lineman) and Eric plays strong safety on the offense, but coach also has him in for special teams so he sees a lot of action. It helps, too, that both kids are more experienced than most other kids on their teams.

This week I’ve been very busy at work with Convention which is now just about 3 weeks away. Our department as a whole is way behind on plans compared to last year – I think a lot of that has to do with our Director who is overwhelmed. Aside from Convention, I have a big (meaning important) International meeting with only a week in between. I’m really feeling stressed out, but tomorrow I’m hoping to get some of that relieved with a massage and facial.

This week also marked the end of the half-way point for grades and both kids are doing much better than in past years. I attribute Justin’s success to his teacher who is a great ‘match’ for his learning style. Eric has been working hard and still has some assignment issues but overall A’s and B’s with a C or two sprinkled in. He is loving high school. I can’t believe how much he’s growing up, now with his first girlfriend. He took her to the movies today, as he has done for the past couple of Saturdays.

The coming week will be filled with long days at the office combined with evening commitments like guitar lesson chauffeuring, football games and whatever else comes up. It’s a busy time for us!


1 Response to “Update on football and family”

  1. 1 butterfly65 September 28, 2007 at 3:01 pm

    Dave and I both enjoyed watching the boys touchdown and tackle. That’s so exciting. Love, Mom

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