Another tired weekend

Yes, really more tired than tiring. Yesterday I felt like I must have been fighting off a virus or something because all I wanted to do all day was sleep. Couldn’t get enough. At least early in the morning I was able to take Eric to a chiro appt and a haircut. Maybe Friday night’s BUNCO had something to do with it, but I’m not usually that exhausted and I didn’t stay out that late Friday night.

Today I went to Sprouts for the first time. It’s a natural food store with lots and lots to offer. You still have to be careful – just because something claims to be healthy doesn’t mean that it is. There are plenty of “healthy” foods out there loaded with sugar and fat. But at least the products carried in this store are all-natural ingredients or often organic. Their produce is wonderful too – organic bananas at only 49 cents a pound! I spoiled my family at dinner tonight with ‘homemade’ lemonade, organic salad greens, baked penne cooked with organic marinara sauce, organic chicken sausage and fresh ricotta cheese. Dessert was fresh strawberry shortcake.

Eric had a date last night – ugh! He’s been bugging me about getting his permit too, but I’m not in as much of a hurry for that as he is. I mean, the kid doesn’t even have a job – where does he need to get to in a car so badly? Of course he will be getting a job once football is over, so the roads are safe for at least another couple of months.

I’m really disappointed in the Primetime Emmy’s this year – these shows that are winning all the awards – why? I think The Office won one single award, and Weeds didn’t get any! One of my other favorite shows won for best comedy at least. 30 Rock is really very well written, and even though Alec Baldwin is awesome on the show, he didn’t win for best actor – but some of that might have stemmed from his personal troubles.

The week ahead promises to be filled with stressful deadlines, waste-of-time meetings and demanding bosses – but I guess that’s what Convention season is all about!

Rather than end on a sour note, I want to pass along a really fun website Eric sent me to:



2 Responses to “Another tired weekend”

  1. 1 crazin September 17, 2007 at 11:36 am

    I still have my 97 Nissan. If Eric wants to make a trip out to Texas for some driving lessons in the thing, I won’t care if he scrapes it up. As long as it isn’t another car! I would give it to him, but it needs more repairs than it’s worth, including the air vents!

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