Monday blahs

Not much time to post because work is INSANE lately and my lunch hour is nothing more than another 15-minute eat-a-Lean-Cuisine-at-my-desk deal. Our Convention hotels are sold out and the housing bureau who is supposed to be helping us is at an all-day meeting. Of course, they’re only open from 9-5 EST anyway, so they aren’t so helpful. I just love it when people think we can “find” them a hotel room in a sold out hotel! What do they want – the broomcloset or the stairwell???

The weekend was nice, though – I got back from Norfolk Friday night. Was there last week to check out the Marriott for a Spring meeting. Their meeting space is great and it will work wonderfully for the group. The location is awesome as there is lots to do right within walking distance. On Friday afternoon I had enough time to check out the beach before my flight. I had forgotten how warm the Atlantic Ocean was, and the beach was pretty much deserted, save for the dozen-or-so 8″ jellyfish that had washed up onshore.

Saturday was spent running errands and I finished reading Shopaholic and Baby. In the evening Terry, Justin and I went to the ASU game with neighbors. It was a lot of fun but hot and sweaty. The first quarter took forever and it was past 10:30PM before the second half began! They won, though, and it was a good time.

On Sunday I pretty much veged out on the couch, worked a little, then cooked up some chicken in wine and balsamic vinegar with tomatoes and mushrooms for dinner. We did have brownie pie with vanilla ice cream for dessert – a recipe I picked up from one of the shows I watched that morning called Pantry Raid. They go to your house and make a meal out of whatever you have in your kitchen. I like it because they make some creative dishes with everyday ingredients. The pie came out awesome too!

We have a busy week ahead with football practices and games, plus guitar lessons and the usual other stuff that keeps us running. Well, at least we’re not bored!


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