Nine reasons why it’s good to be Justin


  1. Last week he was elected by his class to be a peer mediator.
  2. His first football practice is tomorrow (his team is the Tigers).
  3. He can play “Sweet Child Of Mine” by Guns ‘N Roses on the electric guitar
  4. He was given the honor of being “Assistant School Bus Captain” by Driver Dan who incidentally must be the very best school bus driver in the entire world (yes, even better than Mr. B.) – this earned him a spot on the ever-popular video magazine “TigerTown News” which is viewed by schoolmates throughout town.
  5. Even several weeks into school, he still really likes his teacher Mrs. Hafner, and subsequently is thoroughly enjoying the 5th grade.
  6. He’s reading Holes and is almost done (Chapter 30)!
  7. He has nearly perfected the intricate skill of flipping an egg to a perfect “over easy” without breaking the yolk or making any sort of disastrous mess.
  8. He got to play a Wii at his friend Anthony’s house today.
  9. He is probably the most likeable, loveable, joyful, cheerful and optimistic kid I have ever known. What a blessing!

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