Headaches, 6 reasons it’s a happy Friday, other news

Wow what a wierd day. I can’t possibly be productive at work right now because I am smack dab in the midst of a migraine – my 2nd in a month, although previous to that I hadn’t had one for over a year! They seem to be getting worse too, as along with the pain, irritability and sight impairments, this one is also accompanied by severe dizzyness/vertigo. Blech.

Other that that, the day has actually been pretty good! Here’s why:

  1. My group was not called for jury duty today so I was able to forego the 90 minute drive each way!
  2. I finished a massive invoice report (after 3 straight workdays of analyzing numbers and budget codes!)
  3. I got a signed contract back from my SVP (30 days in the works!)
  4. I got some excellent news on another meeting which will save me and my colleagues tons of work!
  5. I am looking forward to dinner with friends this evening at some sort of Korean place where they cook your food at the table. You know I’m not an adventurous eater, but even if I just have a salad, it should be a fun time with the group.
  6. It’s only about 2-1/2 hours til the weekend officially begins!

In other news from the past week – some good, some not:

  1. Terry’s dad was in a wreck – drove into a ditch with their RV but his guardian angel was with him as he walked away with nothing more than a wrist injury. Terry’s mom was not in the camper at the time.
  2. Justin was elected by his classmates to be a “peer mediator” which basically means he’ll get to settle disputes between kids. It’s a pretty cool program which will teach him some valuable life skills – Terry and I are very proud. Of course, the highlight for Justin was “at the end of the year, we get to have a really big pool party!”
  3. Eric’s football coaches have been smiling upon him, and he should get plenty of play time at next week’s game. (His back is much better too)
  4. I went to a client appreciation event put on by the Scottdsale CVB. I was able to bottle my own wine, however it needs to sit for 3 months before it is at optimum drinking age. That means by my calculations, if anyone comes to visit over Thanksgiving they might just have the chance to enjoy it with me – that is, if I decide to share.

Tomorrow we have Justin’s parent meeting for football. He is really excited about this year. On Sunday, Terry’s going to the Dbacks game, Justin has a birthday party to go to, and I have a baby shower to attend. I’m sure this one will fly by like all the others, but hopefully I’ll get sufficient downtime. I’d better enjoy it now, before we get knee-deep into Convention planning stuff.

My migraine is starting to subside thank God, so I’d better get back to work.


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