Back to school, work updates, pictures

Another “first day of school” come and gone. Eric only has three left now, how depressing. His bus picks him up really early. He was close enough to walk to school last year and hasn’t been on a bus in a while. Fortunately I know the bus driver as he has been Justin’s driver since we moved here two years ago. Some of you may recall me talking about “Dan” when relating one of Justin’s “lost boy” stories from 2005 when he got off at the wrong stop.

Speaking of Justin, his teacher is really nice. We met her on Monday night and she’s not your average conventional educator to say the least. He said today was his best ever first day of school and I hope the rest of the year is as good for him. She preferred to forego the traditional fluorescent lighting her classroom for softer Ikea milk bottle lamps. She also had some aromatherapy and I think I might have heard a mini fountain going, though it could have been my imagination.

Eric was pretty excited about starting high school, though his 11am lunch period has none of his friends in it (according to him). This year his electives include Spanish and Business Technology which I think will be good foundations for him. He’s enjoying football practice too – Terry and I will be ceremoniously presenting him with his jersey next Friday night. Hopefully he’ll make the A team as the B team only has 5 games. His first one will be on Wednesday, August 29th (regardless of which squad he is on) so mark your calendars!

Work has been “ok” for me but I’ve been spending too much time in my boss’ office going through budgeting and financial stuff that should have been done months ago, and in fact we have gone over it all ad nauseum. Terry is enjoying work a lot more since his deadbeat former boss is gone. He reports, “we’re actually getting a lot of stuff done in our department.” I’m jealous – not that my boss is a deadbeat or anything, he just requires me to sit in his guest chair way too much, and often unnecessarily, which makes for a very unproductive and frustrating day for me.

Friday is BUNCO night which I usually look forward to, but we seem to be having trouble getting enough players this month – we need 3 subs! I hope we find some, since it’s just not possible to play with only 9 people. I really hope our group doesn’t dissolve but when it’s so hard to find players it hardly seems worth the effort. I guess the least we can do is just hang out, which will still be fun, just not the same.

I finally got around to downloading the photos from my camera so I’ll leave you with some miscellaneous shots – some recent, some not so much.

[rockyou id=79870210&w=426&h=319]


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