Family news update, local tragedy, movie & book

Last week, Terry’s boss from hell was demoted and sent to another office; another undesirable peon is likely to follow – he gets a new boss tomorrow and couldn’t be happier about it.

Justin’s birthday was fun – we went to Chili’s to celebrate. I took him to Guitar Center to pick out his presents which turned out to be two books of sheet music from bands including AC/DC, Green Day and other favorite bands. I also got him two really cool CDs of generic background music – one Rock and one Blues. He can play them on his stereo and then “jam” as lead guitar to them. It’s like having his own backup band and it’s teaching him how to improvise. Plus it sounds really cool when he plays!

Eric isn’t up to much but this Wednesday he’s going to get his schedule at school. He accidentally (?) signed up for girls’ Phys Ed which I don’t think will fly with the school. He’s getting nervous about playing football, evident by the doubts he’s raising – which he always does with things like this. We are confident he will do well and enjoy it immensely as always.

You may have heard about a terrible helicopter crash that happened in Phoenix on Friday. Such a tragedy – it’s the top story on all the local news channels (TV, paper and Internet). Several news helicopters were reporting a police chase and capture when two of them collided mid-air and crashed to the ground. All four persons aboard were killed.

On a much lighter note, I went with my friend Kathy to see Hairspray on Tuesday night. It was a cute movie, very much a chick flick. I have three things to say about John Travolta:

  1. His performance as a woman was not convincing (though maybe not meant to be) and very distracting
  2. It’s disappointing that the person who makes the decisions about casting didn’t instead find a beautiful heavy white woman to take the role instead of making this character out of a man.
  3. I recognize it was a huge P.R. stunt that wouldn’t have gotten many people to see the movie (probably including myself).

I also finished another cute book by Sophie Kinsella called Can You Keep a Secret. It was just as enjoyable as her Shopaholic books, but with a different character. It is probably the 6th or 7th book I received from and I am just loving this site! I love that you can get a book for FREE simply by accumulating points (partially accomplished by sending some used books of your own).

Big meeting this week so I had better get back to my to-do list. This blog entry was a nice diversion though!


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