It’ not easy being green


ECP scores range between 150-900 and they measure your private “Earth Conservation Plan”. The lower your score, the better – it has to do with your footprint on the Earth. The average score in America is 325 and in Canada 305. The average carbon output in the USA is 20 tons and in Canada 17 tons.

I learned recently that my ECP score is 431 and my carbon output is 20.7. One of the things bringing it up is the amount of round trip flights I take in a year and my long commute which I can really only do by car (gas-guzzling SUV unfortunately). I did learn however that there are things I could change for the better, such as unplugging appliances when not in use and switching to energy-saving lighting and shower heads. I’m also going to launch a personal campaign with my boss to work a partial week in the office and telecommute part-time.

Before any of you start to think I’ve become a granola-eating, birkenstock-wearing, crystal-reading, yoga guru – let me put your mind at ease. If you know me, you know I’m more realist than idealist. I do not personally believe in Global Warming. I do however believe that the humans which populate this Earth produce far too much waste, which has the potential to create an unnatural imbalance (regionally and maybe eventually globally) and diminish the quality of our lives. If we can do our part to recycle, conserve and use our resources wisely instead of wastefully, why wouldn’t we do that?

Grant you, I will not get carried away here. I believe in conserving money too, and last I checked, many of the recycled products out there cost upwards of 20% more than their first generation counterparts. I guess it’s important to find a balance. If we each just do a little more to brighten our shade of “green” think of how much brighter the world would be!


  • Visit this really cool link for some flash-based stats: BreathingEarth 
  • What’s your Live Impact? Find out how you compare to others in your community.
  • Visit to see how you can reduce your environmental impact.
  • Green shopping at Gaiam and Recycline.
  • Learn more about conservation at the US Department of Energy’s Fuel Conservation Site. You can also find out how “green” your car is.
  • Learn more about recycling at earth911

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