Happy Friday!

Hey, it’s Friday! I’ve been so productive today. I was able to cross seven, count ’em, SEVEN big items off my list today. This is a big accomplishment for me. Just one really big thing left to do – not sure if it will get done this afternoon but even if I can make a big dent, I’ll be thrilled. Boss has been picking on one of my coworkers today instead of me, haha! She’s the one who’s been stuck in his office all day discussing an upcoming meeting, poor girl. I’m glad it was her turn and not mine – this explains my extreme productivity today. Next week he is on vacation so Monday and Tuesday should be very productive for me (I’m off Wednesday, Thursday & Friday).

This weekend we will be hanging out at the pool (a combination of ours and our neighbors’) and soaking up the sun. Well, I have to stay in the shade or I end up looking like a cooked lobster. Our pool is 88 degrees and cold compared to that of our neighbors. I love the bathwater temp – especially when we swim at night. Night swimming is also great because I can go right from changing my suit to the water, skipping that annoying process of slathering the bare parts of my body then waiting to dry.

As you probably know, our area has been hotter than Hades lately. Today’s high is listed at a possible 111, with coming days ranging from 109 to 114 on Wednesday the 4th of July. We’re having a party so I’m sure our A/C will get a workout what with the patio door opening & shutting all the time. Gosh, what the heck did we ever do before we had a pool?

Justin’s birthday is coming up soon – I can’t believe he’s going to be 10! He’s so funny, the other day he said, “I’m gonna be a double digit midget.” What a goof. With the heat being what it is, I’ve been seriously considering BounceU for his party. It’s an indoor room full of inflatable bouncy structures (you know, those things they have at carnivals & in the back yard at kids’ birthday parties). It’s pretty reasonably priced, but I don’t think he could scrounge up 25 friends to make it worthwhile. It’s probably best to just host our own at our pool. I have to get going on my research of kids games. He has already put in his request for the ever-popular “Jello Eating Contest”.

Tomorrow I’m taking Eric to a job fair for a Brunswick Zone that’s opening near our house soon. I hope it works out for him. If it doesn’t he may have to resolve to McDonald’s, which he is turning his nose up at. Of course, after seeing the movie Waiting the other night, I’m not exactly eager for him to enter the world of foodservice.

Wherever you are, stay cool!


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