Movies, fun in the sun and homemade apple pie

Wow those weekends really do pass by quickly don’t they? Our clan had a great one – filled with fun, sun and good friends. On Friday, aside from the movie which you already know Terry and I saw, we also tried a new restaurant (new for us, been around forever) called Flancer’s. It’s close, and the food is good. They turn tables quickly, getting guests in and out in a hurry, which I imagine they have to do to stay in business since the place is so small.

On Saturday my friend Kathy and I went to lunch at Friday’s and gobbled up their delicious Pecan-Crusted Chicken Salad before going to see the movie Waitress starring Keri Russell. What a cute movie! It reminded me of Where the Heart is. Keri stars as Jenna, a waitress working in a pie diner, trapped in a miserable marriage with an unwanted pregnancy. She has an affair with her OBGYN (which in my opinion, is kind of creepy) who is also married. Jenna also has a talent for making the most delicous pies in the world, including “Marshmallow Mermaid Pie”, “I Hate My Husband Pie”, and “My Husband is Going to Kill Me Because I’m Having an Affair Pie”. Supporting parts included the other two waitresses in the diner, who also found romance in their otherwise-dull lives. The story was very heartwarming and the only thing that kind of bugged me (and Kathy too) was the romanticizing of having an extramarital affair. If you think you can get past that, I’d highly recommend it for your next chick flick movie night. You will likely have to rent the DVD though, since I doubt it will be in theaters much longer.

Saturday was a long (but fun) day – in the afternoon I was working on the couch in the living room and the doorbell rang. It was our friend Brian from the “old neighborhood”. He was in the area and decided to just stop by. We had plans to go to Barb & Todd’s for a barbecue, but knowing how good-natured they are, I invited Brian to tag along with us. It was so much fun hanging out with Brian again, and our “new” neighbors loved him too. He fit right in with our crowd and we are all hoping he will join us more often.

Yesterday, Father’s Day, Terry did pretty much nothing, which was certainly an appropriate way to spend the day. Justin went with a friend to Hamilton Pool and the poor baby came home looking as red as a lobster. I went grocery shopping then taught Eric how to make an apple pie from scratch, his present to his Dad. He was such a good student! Very patient and good at listening to instructions. The pie came out absolutely perfect and we enjoyed it a la mode after our steak & potato dinner – all of Terry’s favorites. Overall I think a pretty good Father’s Day for Terry!


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