Tuesday drivel

Argh – work frustrations have got me going today! Just when we thought we would be all set to have our meeting in Las Vegas we get an email from them saying, “Hey, let’s go to Puerto Rico instead.” Not I have nothing against PR but this is a perfect example of people who just don’t understand the work involved.

Suppose I can forget that I spent a grueling 18 hours on my feet looking at 7 different Vegas properties only 13 days ago. Countless emails, spreadsheets, proposal organizing and negotiations. Now I need to forget all that and look at the vast expanse of an island with a gazillion hotels to find out which ones have which dates available, and at what rate. Each property has its own sales force, so there’s at least a dozen new people who we have to explain our agenda, meeting audience and special needs to. Oh and did I mention they want an answer by tomorrow? HA!

Knowing how these things go, I will spin my wheels for another two weeks or more, gather all the info they want, then they will ultimately decide “OK, let’s just do Vegas then.” Which, doesn’t seem so bad, right? Guess again! The Vegas hotels will not hold our space for much longer since there are plenty of people just waiting to hold their own meetings there.

Okay I need to move on and leave this “vent” behind me. Serenity now.

Tonight I go back to the chiropractor for an adjustment. It’s crazy the sorts of noises that come out of your joints when you’re adjusted. Terry has been going too, and his back is adjusting very well to the procedure. I wish I could say the same – I’m better, but there’s still a long road ahead. At the advice of Dr. Miller, I’ve trained myself to sleep on my side instead of my stomach which I think is helping a lot.

Over the weekend I added some new plantings to our house to give it a little more curb appeal. The only real area left to concentrate on is our side yard, which I hope to get done next week. It’s supposed to be 109 over the next few days though so we’ll see how ambitious that goal really is.

Hey! Remember in a recent Austin post I mentioned going to an Italian restaurant that had Strawberry Balsamic Gelato? Well I stumbled across a recipe for Strawberry Balsamic Sorbet. Sounds like a good summertime refreshment, no?


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