Did I really ever say I don’t get a hangover from Italian red wine? Bunco night was fun, the afterparty at our house was lots of fun too. We have such awesome friends!

Terry and I spent our Saturday morning getting a new cell phone plan. Our old one finally expired and since I have a Nextel through work we decided to get on the same plan – conveniently discounted. Terry and Eric now both have phones with the Direct Connect walkie-talkie feature, which means we can be connected to each other in an instant. What’s nice is the plan has unlimited night & weekend calling starting at 7pm, so no more waiting til 9! I will be emailing Eric’s cell number out to family but if you don’t get the email, just let me know and I’ll forward it on to you.

Tonight Terry is going to the Diamondbacks game – they are playing the Boston Red Sox. The kids and I will probably have a pizza & movie night. I joined Blockbuster’s online movie service (Total Access) to give the boys some summertime entertainment options and so far I really like it. I have two coupons for free games or movies and I think I’ll let the boys cash those in today. Once school starts back up I will either cancel or maybe just downgrade from the unlimited package.

I’ve been working on sprucing up the yard and hope to make it to Lowe’s to get some more plants. I’ve given up on trying to make things grow in our yard. Our old house was built on rich farming soil and things grew remarkably well – unfortunately that is not the case for this house at all. I’ve decided to try and find some more deserty-type plants like cactus, aloe and spanish daggers.


I am happy to report that my flowers are holding up quite well, as long as I keep watering them daily. They look really pretty in our back yard. I will post pictures once I get more work done, but that won’t likely be for a week or two. It’s much too hot to be working on the yard during the day!


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