Our monthly excuse to get together and drink

Do you bunco?Well, we don’t just drink, we eat too. A lot. And chat. And oh yeah, play a silly little game called BUNCO (aka “Drunko Bunco”).

On the second Friday of each month (including tonight), twelve fun-loving ladies get together for our “girls night out” only it’s actually at one of our houses, somewhere in my neighborhood. Each month, one of us is the hostess, who provides the grub and goes shopping for the prizes. After we all eat the delicious meal she’s prepared (or sometimes purchased), we play usually 7-8 rounds of BUNCO, rotating between three tables of four chairs all night. By the end of the game we’ve spent time with just about each gal. If we’re lucky enough to win one of the prizes – ranging from a faux designer handbag to a set of Gold Canyon Candles to a bottle of the latest Aveda bath product – that’s just a bonus. Sure, the prizes are nice, but the real reason we love it is that we get to spend uninterrupted time with each other over a couple glasses of wine or margaritas (except of course for those members who are expecting and must suffer with the Virgin counterparts). It’s fun to chat about the latest neighborhood activities, bitch about our jobs and discuss our latest shopping finds.

And what do the guys do while we’re playing? Well they’re doing about the same thing at another neighbor’s house – only they don’t play the game of course, they’re more likely to be watching the Suns or Diamondbacks on TV. And I doubt they’re talking about any cute shoes they found at Dillard’s.

When we’re all done playing for the night – about 9 or 9:30 – some of us go home, but many of us join the guys for the “afterparty”. Boy, it’s funny how happy a bunch of guys can be when they see their women strolling into the room all boozed up. I have my bottle of Italian red all lined up for tonight – let’s see if I feel much like doing my Saturday morning chores tomorrow!


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