Books, books and more books!

Book Swapping

Do you like to read? Are you tired of paying a premium for books? Did you know you could get them for FREE? Yes, really and truly, free! I just recently discovered this online book swap website – it’s awesome! Here’s how it works:

  •  You’re done reading a book or for whatever reason have no more use for it. List it in your Inventory. (Get 0.1 points for each listing)

  • Someone on the site sees it in your inventory and sends a request. You mail the book to them. (Get 1 point for each shared book).

  • You want to read a book – search for it in someone’s library and place an online request. They send you the book (Cash in 1 point for each book obtained).

There is a feedback system in place so there is some accountability. Plus, you have the option to share books worldwide or just in the USA. You can always refuse a request, too. How cool is that?

Book Cataloging Online

I’m always looking for good book recommendations but I’ve grown tired of’s limited search engine. Often I want to read a book similar to another I’ve enjoyed. At LibraryThing you can catalog the books you’ve read and share reviews. You can also get recommendations by clicking on the book’s page. If that fails, there are several active discussion groups to lead you in the right direction. Or, simply find another user with a similar collection and see what’s in their own library.




1 Response to “Books, books and more books!”

  1. 1 gogogoallison June 6, 2007 at 11:43 am

    These are great resources. Thanks for sharing them. Do you know any websites that help you find time to read a book? Ha Ha! Maybe I’ll have a chance to read in Michigan A book about something other than firetrucks, animals or space would be refreshing.

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