Catching up, Vegas whirlwind, family activities and a few links

Wow I’ve been so busy at work lately I haven’t had a chance to blog anything substantial. Last weekend we hung out with friends and neighbors, including a party at Kevin & Kathy’s on Sunday and another cookout at our house on Monday. It was a lot of fun, and I didn’t work once all weekend!

Now that my series of big meetings are over I’m back in town for a while but have to catch up on all the work I missed while I was gone. Wednesday I left for Vegas on a 6:30am flight, did site tours of seven – count ’em, seven – hotels and then flew back at 8:45pm. Not my idea – my slavedriver boss’.

Three of the hotels we saw were noteworthy – the Mirage is my new favorite Vegas hotel and quite possibly the place where we’ll have our January/February meeting. They have a really nice pool there and there’s so much to do on-property, plus its location can’t be beat. The Flamingo is one of the strip’s oldest hotels, but they are going through a huge remodel to what they are calling “Go Rooms” as in FlaminGO, get it? The rooms look ultra-cool and have Jetson-like features such as a 42″ plasma Tv, iPod station alarm clock, DVD/CD soundsystem (like the systems being built into the new homes nowadays), the coolest thing of all – a TV built right into the bathroom mirror.  We also saw the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino (formerly the Aladdin) – their meeting space looks the same but the room remodel will give each of their rooms a theme. We got to see the Pulp Fiction room which had a glass-housed suit actually worn by John Travolta in the movie and a few knick-knacks embedded in the coffee table. How cool is that? Oh, and their lobby is amazing – very glitzy right down to the wall behind the front desk that changes colors! Probably the best feature about the hotel is that it has a direct entrance to the shopping mall. :)

The kids have already settled into summer and are enjoying the carefree days. Eric is starting football camp Monday and it lasts the whole month of June. It’s mostly weight conditioning. Justin has been doing odd jobs for neighbors and he loves getting a few extra bucks. Terry has been really enjoying his new bike – he’s lost almost 25 pounds so far! Aside from working, I’m trying to spruce up our outdoor areas a bit. JoAnn’s had a sale with 50% off all their garden decor and I picked up a few really neat things today, including a “Turtle Crossing” stepping stone which I just couldn’t pass up (reference this previous post).

It seems odd just to end with that, so I’ll close with a few of my recent “good finds”:


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