Catching up

Just flew home Friday morning from my big meeting in Orlando. Whew! The meeting was extremely successful but I am spent – it was tough working such long hours. I was up til 1-2am every night and then had to be down in the Convention Center by 6am each day. No time to eat more than a breakfast bar and room service at 10pm. It’s amazing I’m still alive! Why do I love this job???

Anyway, the meeting itself was very well-received and everyone was blown away. Many attendees (and staff as well) told me (and even better, my boss) that it was the very best meeting they’ve been to in years and years, including several of our competitors’ events. The two Directors on our Board and the CEO were also very happy too. Our evening event at Universal Studios was what sealed the deal – I was told it was the event that people will talk about for years to come.

OK enough about work. :) I am happy to be home. I won’t be traveling again til Convention in October, save for a brief site visit or two. It will be nice to spend some QT with my family. This weekend was nice – Saturday night we went to see my friend Kathy’s cousin Kevin play in an AC/DC tribute show. There were 5 bands altogether – a Pink Floyd tribute, a “generic” cover band, B/S (Kevin’s band), then a Poison tribute and finally a Van Halen tribute band. The VH band was really good – they made for a good headliner. B/S was also very good and Terry enjoyed them the best. Justin was jealous that he couldn’t come but it really wan’t a place for kids.

Earlier on Saturday I went to see a chiropractor for my neck & back – I’ve been having trouble for years but it’s been really bad lately. I couldn’t believe it when he told me how bad it was! One of my vertebrae is slightly misaligned, my neck is bent slightly to the right instead of being straight, I am missing the natural front curve that is supposed to be in my neck, and apparently there’s an old injury that is stemming my headaches and neck-aches. Fortunately it can all be corrected with time, home therapy and twice-weekly office visits. Doc made an adjustment and I was taken aback by the noise my neck made – it was freaky! At least I know there is hope in sight, and no need for surgery.

Yesterday I didn’t do much of anything other than shopping :) My friend Monica works at Bed Bath & Beyond and they had their 30% off Friends & Family private sale where I scored an awesome set of J.A. Henckels knives – my first quality “grown up” knife set! We will be trying them out tonight on some ribeye steaks that I got on sale at Safeway.

Thursday is Eric’s 8th grade graduation – I can’t believe he’ll be in high school! One of my latest tasks is to help him find a job. Here in Arizona you can work at the age of 15 and he wants to earn money, so hopefully we can find something that suits him. I told him that if he gets a job he can bike to (for which there are a multitude of opportunities) I would buy him a new bike. He needs something to do this summer and earning his own money would be a nice boost for him!


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